Hip Impingement - Plano, TX
Dr. Kouyoumjian is a leading orthopedic surgeon serving patients across Plano. TX. He specializes in the treatment of Hip Impingement to help patients relieve pain and improve the mobility of the joint. The doctor uses both surgical and non-surgical techniques to treat the condition.

Hip Impingement

Hip is a type of ball and socket joint that connects the thigh bone to pelvis as well as acts as a link between upper and lower body. The bones that make up this joint include acetabulum (socket) and femur (ball). Any abnormal growth along these bones that restricts their normal movement is referred to as Hip Impingement or Femoroacetabular Impingement. In severe cases, the condition may lead to joint damage.

Types Of Hip Impingement

  • Cam Impingement- When the femoral head (ball) is abnormally shaped and unable to smoothly glide inside the socket, it is termed as cam impingement.
  • Pincer Impingement- It occurs due to an outgrowth of femoral head that pinches the cartilage at the rim around acetabulum.

Causes Of Hip Impingement

  • Improper development of hip joint during the growth years
  • Sports or activities that involve continuous movements of legs beyond their normal range
  • Perthes Disease (temporary disruption of blood supply to femoral head) may cause Hip Impingement
  • Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (a condition in which the ball is separated from the growing end of thigh bone)
  • Symptoms Of Hip Impingement
  • Pain in the area between upper thigh and abdomen, particularly when the hip is bent
  • Loss of flexibility in thigh, hip or groin
  • Increase in pain after prolonged sitting, crossing legs, standing or walking
  • Clicking sound may be heard while walking
  • Lower back pain

Diagnosis Of Hip Impingement

  • Imaging tests such as X-Rays, CT scans and MRI may be recommended to visualize the hip joint
  • The doctor may also inject a numbing medicine into the hip. If it relieves pain, it indicates the presence of Hip Impingement.

Treatment For Hip Impingement

Non- surgical treatment

  • The doctor may advise the patient to avoid physical activities that cause pain like prolonged walking or sitting
  • Anti-inflammatory medications may be prescribed to reduce inflammation
  • Exercises that help to strengthen the hip muscles and reduce pressure from the injured cartilage or labrum may be performed

Surgical treatment

Arthroscopy may be required to treat severe cases of Hip Impingement. A small incision is made in the joint to repair the labrum and trim down the bump on the femoral head.

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