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If you are seeking treatment for any type of sports injuries, consult Dr. Adam Kouyoumjian. Serving the residents of Frisco and Plano, TX, Dr. Kouyoumjian is a board certified orthopedic sports surgeon having expertise in treating injuries of the knee, hip and shoulder. He also performs minimally invasive surgical procedure to provide precise treatment for the damage cause to the joints due to sports injuries.

Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are mainly caused due to direct blow, strain or use of force that is more than what the body can bear. Sports injuries can be classified into two broad categories – acute and chronic. Acute injuries are those that occur all of a sudden, for instance, a sprained anklel. On the other hand, chronic injuries are a result of repetitive straining of the joints or muscles. In both cases, immediate medical attention is necessary to prevent any major damage to the joints or ligaments.

Common Sports Injuries

SLAP Tears

Superior Labrum Anterior and Posterior (SLAP) Tear is a medical condition characterized by an injury of the shoulder labrum that holds the arm in the shoulder socket. It is most commonly seen in weightlifters, gymnasts and throwing athletes or in sports that require repetitive overhead movements. SLAP Tear usually does not heal by itself and may require physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications or an arthroscopic surgery by the orthopedic sports surgeon.

Torn ACL

The ligament that goes from the back of the knee between shin bone and femur is known as ACL. Athletes who indulge in sports like football, basketball or soccer are more susceptible to tearing their ACL. The condition can be treated by physical therapy, RICE method or by use of orthotic braces or crutches. The orthopedic sports surgeon may also recommend a surgery to restore the normal functioning of the knee.

Hamstring Pull

It occurs when the muscles are stretched way too much. Sports that put a lot of pressure on the legs, such as kicking, running and jumping, can cause Hamstring Pull. The orthopedic surgeon may prescribe certain anti-inflammatory medicines, ice therapy, brace support or physical therapy to treat the condition.  It may take few weeks to completely recover from the injury. Surgery is required only in severe cases.

Runner’s Knee

This is the most common sports injury caused due to over-training, stiffened muscles, knee imbalance, wearing tattered shoes, poor pelvic control etc. Runner’s Knee can be seen in athletes like footballers, cyclists and volleyball players etc. Treatment for the condition includes taking anti-inflammatory medications, providing ample rest to the knee or getting arch support for shoes. In rare cases, surgery might be recommended by the orthopedic doctor.

Sports Hernia

It is a painful injury of the soft tissues in the groin region. It can be caused during playing sports that involve sudden direction changes or twisting movements such as football, soccer, wrestling and ice hockey. Non-surgical treatment for Sports Hernia includes physical therapy and anti-inflammatory medications.

Snapping Hip

This condition is symptomized by a popping sound and a snapping sensation in the hip while getting up from a sitting position or walking. Repetitive movements like hip straightening, bending, overuse of hip muscles or a sudden increase in the intensity of physical activity can cause Snapping Hip. The orthopedic surgeon may recommend physical therapy, anti-inflammatory injections or surgical intervention to treat the condition.

Prevention Tips For Sports Injuries

  • Drink plenty of fluids
  • Properly warm up before taking part in sports activities
  • Wear appropriate and comfortable clothing
  •  Stretching is very necessary before physical exercises
  • Wear appropriate sports gear
  • Take proper rest during and after practice sessions
  • Wear the right type of shoes
  • Build up a routine of exercise regimen
  • Avoid making sudden and intense movements
  • Do not overstrain the joints and muscles
  • Increase the level of workouts gradually

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